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Say YES to Investing In The NextGen!

Want to Invest Your Best into the Next Generation? Ready to be part of an awesome team where you have significant purpose? We are looking for awesome teammates to join our Warrior Kid Team which serves K-5th grade kids, and adults to join our Student Leadership which serves 6th-12th graders.


next generation

0-2 year olds

0-2 year olds are balancing their need for others & their adventurous spirit. Our nursery class is full of gentle play, attentive workers, and discovery in a safe & playful environment. Your baby will be cared for by our engaging workers & enjoy learning about God's love by feeling cared for.

Nursery ministry takes place during  Sunday services, as well as Wednesday nights.

3-5 Year Olds

Preschoolers love to learn. Our Pre-K class is  full of fun & engaging learning through hands on experiences. Your toddler will enjoy illustrated Bible lessons, active worship and puppet characters  with our PreK workers & volunteers.

Birth to Kindergarten ministry takes place during  Sunday services, as well as Wednesday nights.

K-5th Grade

God is a fun & creative God, and living for Him is an adventure. Warrior Kids has multiple classes where children can learn and have fun at the same time. We want to experience Jesus & learn how to live for Him through worship, illusions, object lessons, small groups, and games. 

Warrior Kids services take place during Sunday services, and our small groups take place on Wednesday nights during our adult CrossFit Bible Study.

6th-12th Grade

Students love to question what is authentic. Our student team is a where teenagers belong & move from simply knowing about Jesus to experiencing His goodness for themselves and living a life that demonstrates God's love.

Middle School & High Schoolers come together on Wednesday nights to be encouraged, make fun memories, be part of something bigger than themselves, & take 1 step at a time as they choose to authentically follow Jesus.

Security Measures

At Rock AG Church your child’s safety is our top priority. We use a secure process to check children in and out of our services. Upon checking your child into service you will be given a guardian receipt, which is used to verify that the right adults leave with the right child. If we need to connect with you during service, we will send you a text message. Upon check out, you will be asked to show your guardian receipt & a Photo ID. 

Only people authorized by you will be able to pick up your child.