Rock AG November Updates

Dear Church Family,


Colorado is facing a tremendous spike in covid cases.  As many of you may know by now, most of our pastoral staff has been down, including myself, with covid.  We are continuing to get reports from numerous families inside and outside of our church congregation that are testing positive as well. 


In order to allow our staff and our families to fully recover, we will continue with online services through the month of November.  During this time, I encourage you to continue in your faithfulness in your relationship with God through much prayer and bible reading, and your relationship with our church family through your contact with each other and through your financial giving. 


The pastoral staff would like to reach out to you or your family if you have come down with covid.  If you have not already contacted us, please do so by emailing the church:  We will lift you up in prayer and encourage you through this time of illness.  It will also help me monitor the health and safety of our church as we proceed through the coming weeks. We would also like to pray with you if you are in need for other reasons and you can email us with your requests at


Please join together online during our regular Sunday morning service at 10:00 am.  Additionally, I invite you join us online mid-week on Wednesdays, 7:00 pm.  Our staff will share a word of encouragement, and youth service will follow directly after.  Keep watch for more details about the midweek online service beginning Wednesday, 11/17/21. 


We are already hearing testimonies and look forward to more in the making.  Please continue to lift of up the staff of our church and the body of the church as you continue to fight the battle of this virus. 


With Love,
Pastor Bryan and the Staff of Rock AG Church