STUCK ON MISSIONS: A Speed The Light Challenge

The students of Rock AG Church have recently learned of the gospel spreading work of missionaries around the world...and the challenges that they face. Rock Student Team is excited to share that they are raising money to help purchase a vehicle for a missionary that is struggling to travel to the people within their mission field.

We want to see the gospel of Jesus spread, and we want to invite you to be part.

We Will Announce Which Pastor Will Be Duct Taped During Our NYE Student Service.

You can still donate!

Winner Announced NYE.


Click Donate Now

to cast your votes for which pastor you want to see duct taped to the wall by our Rock Students. 


How It Works

You vote

$1 donated = 1 vote

Each dollar you donate is a vote towards one of Rock's pastors...getting duck taped on NYE. You can vote as many time as you want.

The Punishment

Which ever pastor has the most votes against them, will get duck taped to the wall on NYE. 

VotE OFten

We will be updating the leaderboard each day. If the Pastor that you want to see taped to the wall isn't in the lead...cast more votes to get them at the top.

All money

The real winner is our missionaries! All money raised will go to Speed The Light, which exists to equip missionaries with the needed equipment to reach the lost.