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Sunday Night Live

We believe in connecting as the church, by grow together through the real life areas in our lives. SNL Teams meet every Sunday night to grow together. What area in life do you want to see growth?

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Where Do You Want To Grow?

Financial Peace

For all adults who want to grow in their financial success. We want to grow with you in your journey of financial peace. Let's work on budgets, income, spending, getting debt free, and giving.

Office Work
Grow In 
Gold Wedding Rings
Improve Our Marriage

For couples wanting to grow their marriage from any starting point to a deeper marriage relationship by God design. We look forward to strengthening the weak areas & building upon the strong areas in our marriages.

Grow In
Finding My Purpose

For adults who want to grow in relationship with God and others by finding & understanding the answers to "what was I put here on earth for?" You've been uniquely created for a reason, come grow as you uncover your God given purpose.

Ring of Light Bulbs
Grow In Purpose
Christian Essentials

For anyone who wants to grow as we apply the truths of following Jesus. Come grow with this team as we learn about forgiveness, submission and perseverance.

Grow In
Studying the Bible

For all adults who desire to grow in relationship with God by knowing how to learn more about Him through His word. We will not only grow in a deeper understanding of the Bible, but also of how to study deeper.

Bible Lessons
Grow In 
Surviving Loss

For anyone that has survived one of life’s most difficult experiences, loss. Come grow with this team through the grieving process. 

Grow Through Loss